Veteran’s Protection was founded in 2021 with a desire to bring unparalleled security to businesses in the Seattle, Tacoma area. We specialize in the armed security of private businesses, particularly in the cannabis, construction, and industrial quadrants. As a Veteran owned and operated security company, we strive for excellence in both Customer Interaction and Service. Veteran’s Protection is primarily staffed by veterans and seeks to provide opportunities to those who have sacrificed much to serve our country. With a foundation forged in the loyalty and brotherhood of the military, we are certain that we can provide both the protection and attention to detail that your priceless items, employees, and patrons deserve.

Jacob McGrath

Jacob has over 12 years of service in the Army, with 8 years active duty and 4 in the reserves. After tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan, he knows how to keep a cool head under pressure. Jacob and Ryan met early in their careers and have built Veteran’s Protection from the ground up.

Ryan Massero

Ryan is a Las Vegas native with over 7 years of experience as an EMT Paramedic, 4 years of service in Army Infantry with honorable discharge, and over 4 years of experience in armed security.  Both Ryan and Jacob have full confidence that Veteran’s Protection can provide the security services your business needs.